1. As you may have heard, Stan Pate owns the McFarland Mall property and desperately wants it off his hands. His plan to rid himself of this blighted, dilapidated area is to force the city of Tuscaloosa to purchase it from him.  He’s tried to push a sales plan through the City Council in February of this year.  Now, he’s clearly laying the foundation for another run at dumping this blighted, contaminated property on the taxpayers of Tuscaloosa.

Here’s the record of him trying to get the city to buy it:

2. Stan needs the cash. He is already mortgaging the property through a bank in the Cayman Islands. See the loan documents for yourself:

Click to read the full documents.

3. There is reason to assume some council members would do anything to help Stan Pate.

  • Pate pumped $32,000 into Raevan Howard’s 2017 campaign for the District 2 seat on the city council.  According to the Tuscaloosa News, Pate proved 75% of her funding.
  • Pate contributed to Kip Tyner’s 2017 council campaign, but of greater concern are regular payments from Pate to Tyner for “sponsorship”.

4. And don’t forget he has told us that he buys influence on the city council. In the March 12th, 2017 edition of The Tuscaloosa News, Stan Pate said of his contributions to city officials, “I don’t hide from the fact that these are investments. And I want and need to make a profit.”

This would be a horrible deal for the citizens of Tuscaloosa. And we want a pledge from our council members that it will not be considered. In fact, some council members should recuse themselves because of a clear conflict of interest.